Visted link color in documentation is hard to discern

Jeff Franks jcf at
Sun Nov 14 13:33:06 CET 2004

Hi everyone,

I'm still here. Having finished the rebranding of the GFC source code to 
XFC I've been rewriting the documentation and tutorial for its two 
libraries: xfccore and xfcui. I wasn't going to bother you with XFC 
until after you released Xfce 4.2 because I know you are all busy, but I 
have a small, small documentation issue.

Obviously I want the documentation to look and feel like Xfce 
documention so I have been using the same colors, fonts and font size. 
After rewriting lots of html pages I started to notice how hard it was 
the read the visited link color *#003366*. The problem is that this 
color is close to *#000000* (the bold text color) and too close 
*#154374* (the heading color) to easily discern at first glance. The 
a:link color *#3366CC* and the a:hover link color *#3399FF* are great. 
These link colors are easily visible in a sentence, but visited links 
seem to disappear because they blend in to the surrounding plain text, 
bold text and small sub-headings. It is even harder to find the visited 
link if bold is turned off.

I sent this in HTML so you can see what I mean. Is it possible to 
consider another a:visited link color or indentifcation (? #003366 plus 
an _underline_). The link text is supposed to look sufficiently 
different from the surrounding text to easily identify it as something 
special, and it should be easy on the eyes.


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