xffm icon cleanup

edscott wilson garcia edscott at imp.mx
Sat May 8 00:34:24 CEST 2004

I'm done with the icon cleanup in xffm. The mime-icons module from
xfce4-modules now only works with the freedesktop standard (i.e.
$datadir/icons). The panel-toolbar icons are accessed directly, so if
they change location again, a single macro line need be modified.

Xffm icons no longer provides icons which are readily available
elsewhere. Instead, xffm-icons will produce an executable, xfmime-edit,
which allows the user to create his/her own icon theme from whatever
group of icons are found to exist in $datadir/icons. 

Currently xffm-icons provides a default configuration for the gnome
theme (which is a prerequisite for evolution, so many will have
installed), and for the Gorilla svg theme. These default files are in
xffm-icons/iconthemes and installed to $datadir/xfce4/mime.

When you use xfmime-edit to create a mime file for a theme, it will save
the file in $HOME/.xfce4. This will override any mime file in

Feel free to add other mime files to xffm-icons/iconthemes for other
themes that follow the freedesktop standard. The way to do so is:

1-Use xfmime-edit to customise for the icon names of the theme. This is
done by dnd from the pane on the right to the pane on the left. You can
choose from gtk-stock icons, xfce default icons, and the selected icon
theme (which is selected with the option menu at bottom of the window.

2-Save your changes. And copy the created file from $home/.xfce4 to
xffm-icons/iconthemes. Example:
$cp _usr_X11R6_share_icons_Gorilla.mime.xml

3- modify xffm-icons/iconthemes/Makefile.am to include the created file
on install and rerun autogen.sh.

Doing such will give users a head start on customising their own icon
set. Only icon sets which have a mime file will appear in the theme
selection menu of xffm, but all icon sets are visible with xfmime-edit. 

Also, some icons that used to be customisable are no longer
customisable. That goes for toolbar icons (except panel-toolbar) and
root branch icons (except for folders).

xfmime-edit is also available through the xffm main menu and toolbar
buttons (view group).

Note for translators: xfmime-edit should require no translations.

regards to all,


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