XFce Goodies

Matt Lancereau matt at bsd-blax.org
Sun May 2 09:19:55 CEST 2004

Berlios seems to have some difficulties since several days/weeks. I'm
receiving mail from users who can't install plugins, asking for mirrors or
whatever, since I'm the ports maintainer of few goodies for FreeBSD. I'm
wondering if an official mirror or SF stuff would not be a bad idea cause
it's not the first time we can't fetch or that berlios is down.
I can provide a mirror on rimasec.net dedicated server if really needed.
For now, I'm mirroring Andre's new plugins on my own server but my
bandwitch isn't so high so here is my request/suggestion.

Regards, Matt.

name: Matt Lancereau ( aka Blax )
contact: matt(at)bsd-blax.org | matt(at)rimasec.net
pgp key: 0xACA44F3D ( http://www.bsd-blax.org/matt.asc )

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