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Brian J. Tarricone bjt23 at cornell.edu
Sun May 2 09:32:17 CEST 2004

yeah, berlios has been somewhat useless lately - i've noticed the 
complaints as well.  if auke doesn't mind re: bandwidth (auke?), i 
presume we could lazy-mirror (as in, manually mirror when people 
complain about missing X version of plugin Y) some or all of the 
xfce-goodies on xfce.org until a more permanant solution is decided.


Matt Lancereau wrote:

>Berlios seems to have some difficulties since several days/weeks. I'm
>receiving mail from users who can't install plugins, asking for mirrors or
>whatever, since I'm the ports maintainer of few goodies for FreeBSD. I'm
>wondering if an official mirror or SF stuff would not be a bad idea cause
>it's not the first time we can't fetch or that berlios is down.
>I can provide a mirror on rimasec.net dedicated server if really needed.
>For now, I'm mirroring Andre's new plugins on my own server but my
>bandwitch isn't so high so here is my request/suggestion.
>Regards, Matt.
>name: Matt Lancereau ( aka Blax )
>contact: matt(at)bsd-blax.org | matt(at)rimasec.net
>pgp key: 0xACA44F3D ( http://www.bsd-blax.org/matt.asc )
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