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Wed Mar 31 13:48:41 CEST 2004

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On Tue, Mar 30, 2004 at 09:00:06PM -0500, Brian J. Tarricone wrote:
> is there any particular reason why xfwm4 allows you to move a
> maximised window?  bottom line is, if you maximise a window, you are
> saying that you want it to be fullscreen and decorated, and there's no
> reason why you should want to move it.

Strangely enough this is covered by a Debian bug already which I
forwarded to the xfce bug tracker only last night.

I'm tracking it with on
the xfce side.

When I replied to the original submitter that the moving of maximised
windows and subsequent unmaximisation wasn't a bug (as Olivier says in
bug 165), this is what I got back:

On Wed, Mar 31, 2004 at 03:21:42AM -0800, Jamie Heilman wrote:
> Well, they aren't what I expect, clearly, or I wouldn't have filed the
> bug.  When I click "un"maximize I expect it to change the size of the
> window back to its original size, not re-maximize.  xfwm seems to
> throw out that notion of state entirely.

> Lets compare with the maximize/move/unmaximize behavior of several
> window managers shall we (for the purposes of brevity "no v/h" implies
> the window manager doesn't support a vertical/horizontal only maximize
> feature so testing was only possible on fully maximized windows):

> xfwm4 = re-maximizes window
> blackbox = restores pre-maximize position and size
> wmaker = no v/h, restores pre-maximize position and size
> fvwm = restores pre-maximize position and size
> flwm = restores pre-maximize size, but not position, also
>        constrains movement of horizontally maximized windows to
>        vertical movement only and vice-versa with vertically maximized
>        windows, fully maximized windows cannot be moved
> sawfish = same as flwm
> olvwm = restores pre-maximize position and size, only does vertical maxmize
> ctwm = restores pre-maximize position and size
> icewm = no v/h, doesn't allow moving of maximized windows
> metacity = no v/h, doesn't allow moving of maximized windows,
>            automatically restores the pre-maximize size if you try
> Microsoft Windows = no v/h, doesn't allow moving of maximized windows

> I wasn't able to check all the possibilties I'd have liked (E, kwm and
> OSX being notablely absent) but the trend is clear, generally
> maximisation is considered a state that can be done and undone, and
> every wm I've checked that permits moving maximized windows retains
> the size information.  xfwm doesn't adhere to this assumption which is
> fine, but I'd argue its a misfeature as restoring the previous size
> and position is IMO more useful behavior than simply re-maximizing,
> which if truely desired could amply simulated by just clicking
> maximize three times.  As it stands, taking a window back to its
> original dimensions involves actually knowing what they were before
> the max/move operations, which isn't a terribly fun thing to have to
> remember.

I think I'm beginning to agree that maximise, move, maximise should in
fact restore the original size/position.

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