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Wed Mar 31 23:04:44 CEST 2004

040331 Brian J. Tarricone wrote:
> maximise is a function that changes the _size_ of the window.  
> after you click the 'maximise' button,
> it turns itself into a 'restore' button.
> user-interface-wise, it's essentially a toggle button
> and it's incorrect to change the state of a toggle button
> based on something as unrelated as window movement.

yes, i see your point, tho' i don't agree fully w your concl'n.

'maximise' does  2  things: (1) incr the size to the largest allowed
& (2) place the window st the TL corner (eg) is at the TL allowable;
presumably in the code, these are separate op'ns.  (2) is needed
or parts of the enlarged window wd unintent'ly disappear off-screen.

once the window has been max'd for the 1st time,
there are then  2  things it mb expected to do on the 2nd occas'n:
(1) restore the original size & (2) restore the original pos'n.
however currently, 'demaximise' does only (2), wh is incorrect.

moreover, a test shows that a 3rd hit on the 'maximise' button
continues to change the pos'n w/o altering the size, surely a bug.

so in fact, can't we all be satisfied ?
'max' shd always toggle size, w/o affecting pos'n after the 1st time,
while pos'n shd continue to be alterable irrespective of size.

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