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On Tue, 30 Mar 2004 21:00:06 -0500
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> is there any particular reason why xfwm4 allows you to move a
> maximised window?  bottom line is, if you maximise a window, you are
> saying that you want it to be fullscreen and decorated, and there's no
> reason why you should want to move it.  the problem i have is this (an
> example):
> as a general rule, i don't maximise my web browser windows.  they're 
> usually around 1000x600 (on my 1600x1200) screen.  if there's
> something on a page that's large, i'll maximise it.  after i'm done
> with the page, i'll want to restore it to normal size.  unfortunately,
> occasionally i miss and move the window instead.  after that, all
> clicking 'maximise' does is re-maximise the window.  my original
> window size is lost, and that annoys me.
> if i tell the window manager to maximise my window, i also want it to 
> keep me from moving the window while in that state.  thoughts?

I klemmer the removal of this option since I use it quite a lot. Call it
lazyness (I could easily just roll up the windows in order to get to the
windows behind it) or hatred since not being able to move maximized
windows is probably the most annoying 'feature' windows ever punished
it's users with.
Puuleeeze keep it!



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