maximised windows

Brian J. Tarricone bjt23 at
Wed Mar 31 04:00:06 CEST 2004

is there any particular reason why xfwm4 allows you to move a maximised 
window?  bottom line is, if you maximise a window, you are saying that 
you want it to be fullscreen and decorated, and there's no reason why 
you should want to move it.  the problem i have is this (an example):

as a general rule, i don't maximise my web browser windows.  they're 
usually around 1000x600 (on my 1600x1200) screen.  if there's something 
on a page that's large, i'll maximise it.  after i'm done with the page, 
i'll want to restore it to normal size.  unfortunately, occasionally i 
miss and move the window instead.  after that, all clicking 'maximise' 
does is re-maximise the window.  my original window size is lost, and 
that annoys me.

if i tell the window manager to maximise my window, i also want it to 
keep me from moving the window while in that state.  thoughts?


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