Problems with xffm 4.1

edscott wilson garcia edscott at
Mon Mar 29 15:08:36 CEST 2004

El dom, 28-03-2004 a las 08:25, Francois Le Clainche escribió:
> Hi,
> I know, CVS HEAD is sometimes broken :)
> Xffm options currently are: the settings are not saved anymore. But each
> time I start xffm, a bunch of files with unreadable names is created in
> my $HOME dir; these files contain xffm Options settings...

That's weird. I have not noticed any behaviour like that. What version
of glib do you have? It might be a problem there since the options
settings are used with the glib xml parser routines.

> Moreover, since I use checkinstall to create Debian packages from src,
> I've noticed that dpkg complains about the xfce.png file, which is
> installed by xfce4-modules package too, at the same place.

OK. Fixed and committed, but change will not be noticeable until you run
the script (my autotools versions are wrong at the moment)

> Cheers
> François
> PS: could you please bring back a "go to $HOME dir" button in the main
> toolbar? I really miss it, even if there is a keyboard shortcut for
> that.

The home button is still there, but it is a "smart button". There is a
single button for:
-go home
-go to
-go back
-go forward
-go up

If you click (without release) on whichever of the above is showing, you
will get a multiple button popup. Just move the mouse and release on
your choice. Action will be performed and the button which shows is
changed to that one (unless CTL is pressed, then the top button does not
change) To top button without executing the action, use mouse button 3.



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