Tray icons in systray always 24x24

Simon Huggins huggie at
Mon Mar 15 20:04:17 CET 2004


A user has complained to Debian about the code in the 4.0.3 (and above)
libxfcegui4/xfce_systray.c which resizes all tray icons to 24x24.

This is listed in bug

They previously gave Debian a patch which madkiss included which only
applied the 24x24 fix to KDE icons not to every icon.

This means that for instance workrave's icon isn't displayed correctly
because it is wider than 24 pixels.  I'm not sure if this is your bug or
workrave's though.

Are there any specs on how large tray icons are allowed to be?  Why did
you pick 24x24?

The patch, updated to apply against 4.0.3 is at:

I'm not sure whether the patch should be reapplied or not or whether
there is a better solution.  I thought once KDE icon support had been
achieved in your source as it has been that all would be well.

Any opinions are welcome.


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