xfce-mcs-manager is a time machine?

Jesse Wagner beansack at fastmail.fm
Mon Mar 15 18:18:49 CET 2004

The thing is, the fonts should not look like that without anti-aliasing.
Thats where the bytecode interperter comes in. They should look like

But I seem to have found a strange workaround. If I enable AA then enable
Hinting and then disable AA, it will look like the above. Something funky
is going on with the font settings.

On Mon, 15 Mar 2004 09:28:28 +0100, "Jean-François Wauthy"
<pollux at xfce.org> said:
> I think it's due to the new option for antialiasing in the UI settings
> (suppose deactivated by default), activate it and it will be fine.

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