Desktop settings bug

Don Christensen djc at
Mon Jun 28 23:26:02 CEST 2004

Brian J. Tarricone wrote:
> yah.  i originally implemented what was actually a color saturation 
> control, but blatantly lied about it in the dialog label.  i have since 
> turned it into a real brightness control.  it's actually a brightness 
> _adjustment_ control (perhaps "Adjust Brightness" would be a more 
> descriptive slider label?).  in essence, it will adjust pixel values +/- 
> 7 bits from their original value.  zero in this context means "leave my 
> image the #*$@ alone!".  i'm not sure why it isn't working for you.
> i'd like to figure out why your brightness control doesn't do anything. 
> though i'm not sure of the best way to debug this, other than sticking a 
> bunch of print statements in xfdesktop.  which i may do, if i have some 
> time later (doubtful, before the weekend anyway).

You must have fixed it in CVS.  I just rebooted my machine and picked
up the latest versions I had compiled, and the brightness settings now
work correctly (and actually adjust the brightness).  I was a little
concerned at first, because all of a sudden my background image got
blindingly bright.  Turns out the old setting value of 100 was left
intact, but its meaning is now very different.  After adjusting that
to near zero on each screen, I am quite happy.

A nice little side benefit is that I can now adjust the images so that
they are very similar in brightness on my two monitors which I cannot
seem to adjust to match each other using the monitor controls.


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