some bugs

Ladanyi Akos ladanyi at
Wed Jun 23 17:53:00 CEST 2004

Hi all,

I've found the following bugs in this morning's csv version. I compiled
Xfce with gtk 2.4.3 and don't use the session manager.

1. Both the taskbar and the panel are at the top of the screen by default
(when ~/.xfce4 does not exist). In this case I started Xfce with the
session manager enabled.

2. When adding a new launcher to the panel the text box for the icons path
is disabled although 'other icon' is selected.

3. Xfce's xinitrc sets Xft.dpi to 96 when ~/.xfce4/Xft.xrdb does not
But when this file is created because you modify the hinting options
under 'user interface' the Xft.dpi property won't be set by xinitrc.
This causes that Xft.dpi is 96 when you first start Xfce and is
undefined (?) or has a different default value later.

4. Disable both 'autohide' and 'always on top' on the panel. Now check if
maximized windows cover the panel. Change the panel's size. Now maximized
windows won't cover the panel (as if 'always on top' would be enabled).
Also when you restart Xfce with both of these settings disabled you get
the same result i.e. the panel behaves like it would be set 'always on

5. Put the panel to the bottom edge of the screen. Check 'autohide' and
uncheck 'always on top'. Result: the panel minimizes itself to its top

6. Add a 'Xfce Menu' to the panel. Set the panel size to small. Now set
the panel size to something bigger. Result: the icon of the 'Xfce Menu'
remains small.

Attached some screenshots.

Keep up the good work.

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