xfce4 translations stats

Ted Sola ted at disturbedconfusion.com
Fri Jun 11 03:34:42 CEST 2004

Thanks alot Brian! :)

I have been hoping xfce would get this one day. Some time ago I snooped
around the program Gnome uses, which is pretty great. (A little more
complicated etc.) But it didn't seem to fit out of the box, and since I
did not have the skills to modify it to fit something else, I dropped

Anyway, great work :)

(Just for the record, I'm the translator of 'no', which got 100% in the
entire xfce_4_0 branch :)

On tor, 2004-06-10 at 20:04, Brian J. Tarricone wrote:
> hi all-
> i was bored yesterday, so i whipped up a perl script to gather some 
> statistics on xfce4's translations.  check out
> http://xfce.org/~kelnos/xfce4/i18n/
> if the 'notes' column contains '.po file may be out of date', it means 
> that the .pot file for that module (the file that contains the 
> 'template' for the .po files) is newer than that particular .po file, 
> implying that the translations in the .po file may not be correct or 
> complete.
> i'm providing statistics for both the xfce_4_0 branch and CVS HEAD.  
> really, there isn't much point to updating HEAD, since we're nowhere 
> near a string freeze.  the main interest should be in getting 100% 
> coverage for the 4.0 branch for the next release.
> note: i set up a cron job to regenerate the stats every 24 hours, but it 
> doesn't seem to have run since yesterday afternoon, so i'm guessing 
> either
> a) cron on dbguin runs jobs as a non-privileged user instead of as the 
> user who owns the crontab, or
> b) i'm just not allowed to run jobs.
> in the meantime i'll just have to run the script periodically, i 
> suppose.
> 	-brian
> p.s.  this idea was ispired by http://gaim.sf.net/i18n/, just to give 
> credit where it's due.  i suppose i could have just asked nathan for his 
> script, but i like to do things the hard way ^_~.
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