xfce4 translations stats

Brian J. Tarricone bjt23 at cornell.edu
Thu Jun 10 20:04:05 CEST 2004

hi all-

i was bored yesterday, so i whipped up a perl script to gather some 
statistics on xfce4's translations.  check out

if the 'notes' column contains '.po file may be out of date', it means 
that the .pot file for that module (the file that contains the 
'template' for the .po files) is newer than that particular .po file, 
implying that the translations in the .po file may not be correct or 

i'm providing statistics for both the xfce_4_0 branch and CVS HEAD.  
really, there isn't much point to updating HEAD, since we're nowhere 
near a string freeze.  the main interest should be in getting 100% 
coverage for the 4.0 branch for the next release.

note: i set up a cron job to regenerate the stats every 24 hours, but it 
doesn't seem to have run since yesterday afternoon, so i'm guessing 
a) cron on dbguin runs jobs as a non-privileged user instead of as the 
user who owns the crontab, or
b) i'm just not allowed to run jobs.
in the meantime i'll just have to run the script periodically, i 


p.s.  this idea was ispired by http://gaim.sf.net/i18n/, just to give 
credit where it's due.  i suppose i could have just asked nathan for his 
script, but i like to do things the hard way ^_~.

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