Session management - resent (did not recieve my copy ???)

M. Glenn Lewis mlewis00 at
Sat Jul 24 16:00:48 CEST 2004

On Saturday 24 July 2004 4:32 am, Simon Huggins wrote:
> |Salut M.!
> |
> |On Fri, Jul 23, 2004 at 05:38:49PM -0600, M. Glenn Lewis wrote:
> |> I have been researching this subject on and off for weeks and am so
> |> far unable to successfully save and restore a session. If the session
> |> manager is still in alpha (or my version is not recent enough) or this
> |> feature is not yet fully implemented I can understand this -
> |> otherwise, I would appreciate it if someone could give me some
> |> instructions as to the use of this feature.
> |>
> |> My system is Debian 'Sarge' with Xfce4 4.0.5 (with some 4.0.6
> |> modules).
> |>
> |> My xfce4-session is 0.1.3+20031231-2.
> |
> |Yeah I think you need the -4 version.  The xfce4-session in Debian is
> |mostly a mistake.  Upstream don't release xfce4-session with the 4.0.x
> |branch of xfce4 and whilst the session manager is really useful the fact
> |it's not maintained for the stable branch means all the problems you see
> |are far more likely to be Debian ones than upstream ones  (sadly ;))
> |
> |You're probably better off filing bugs in (or at least checking out) the
> |BTS at for instance.
> |
> |The -4 package should hit sarge the day after tomorrow barring disasters
> |I think as it's 9 of 10 days old.

Thanks for the reply.

I thought I might be missing something and / or it was a Debian specific 
problem but I got too focused on the Google / Xfce4 documentation route and 
forgot to check Debian's bug reports.

Thanks for the link and the information re the -4 package!

M. Glenn Lewis

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