Session management - resent (did not recieve my copy ???)

Benedikt Meurer benedikt.meurer at
Sat Jul 24 12:16:56 CEST 2004

M. Glenn Lewis wrote:
> Please forgive me if I am asking this question on the wrong list but I have 
> asked on xfce4-user without obtaining any solution.
> I have been researching this subject on and off for weeks and am so far 
> unable to successfully save and restore a session. If the session manager 
> is still in alpha (or my version is not recent enough) or this feature is 
> not yet fully implemented I can understand this - otherwise, I would 
> appreciate it if someone could give me some instructions as to the use of 
> this feature.
> My system is Debian 'Sarge' with Xfce4 4.0.5 (with some 4.0.6 modules).
> My xfce4-session is 0.1.3+20031231-2.

This version is ancient. It was more of a mistake that one of the early 
xfce4-session snapshots made it into Debian (If your problem is gtk 2.4 
related, then you should watch out for xfce4-session updates, I've send 
a fix to the Debian Maintainer, Simon Huggins, a few weeks ago, so it 
should hit the unstable/testing tree soon).

> Thanks in advance,


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