Session management - resent (did not recieve my copy ???)

M. Glenn Lewis mlewis00 at
Sat Jul 24 01:38:49 CEST 2004

Please forgive me if I am asking this question on the wrong list but I have 
asked on xfce4-user without obtaining any solution.

I have been researching this subject on and off for weeks and am so far 
unable to successfully save and restore a session. If the session manager 
is still in alpha (or my version is not recent enough) or this feature is 
not yet fully implemented I can understand this - otherwise, I would 
appreciate it if someone could give me some instructions as to the use of 
this feature.

My system is Debian 'Sarge' with Xfce4 4.0.5 (with some 4.0.6 modules).

My xfce4-session is 0.1.3+20031231-2.

Thanks in advance,

M. Glenn Lewis

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