David Guichard guichard at
Fri Jul 23 20:38:26 CEST 2004

Hi all, I hope this is an appropriate place for this. I just started
using xfce4 after many years with fvwm2. Two things struck me right
away: the left mouse button on the root window doesn't do
anything--why not add a menu for that action? I hacked on menu.c,
where the menus for the other two mouse buttons are made, and created
my own mouse-1 menu, reading from a file called user.xml instead of

Also, I like to have my mailwatcher beep when mail comes in. I hacked
libmailcheck so that it does this now, under control of a button in
the properties dialog.

When I say "hacked" I mean "hacked", since I have done next to no gtk
programming. I just opened up the relevant files and did some
judicious cutting and pasting and editing. Since it took me very
little time I'm guessing that someone who is familiar with the code
could do it better in about the same length time.

Meanwhile, I like xfce & plan to stick with it.

-- David

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