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Le ven 23/07/2004 à 20:38, David Guichard a écrit :
> Hi all, I hope this is an appropriate place for this. I just started
> using xfce4 after many years with fvwm2. Two things struck me right
> away: the left mouse button on the root window doesn't do
> anything--why not add a menu for that action?
because there are plans to add desktop icon in 4.4 and then left-click
will be used for an other purpose, and IIRC this was already discussed
in the ML, so if you want to know more about that check the archives

>  I hacked on menu.c,
> where the menus for the other two mouse buttons are made, and created
> my own mouse-1 menu, reading from a file called user.xml instead of
> menu.xml. 
> Also, I like to have my mailwatcher beep when mail comes in. I hacked
> libmailcheck so that it does this now, under control of a button in
> the properties dialog.
> When I say "hacked" I mean "hacked", since I have done next to no gtk
> programming. I just opened up the relevant files and did some
> judicious cutting and pasting and editing. Since it took me very
> little time I'm guessing that someone who is familiar with the code
> could do it better in about the same length time.
> Meanwhile, I like xfce & plan to stick with it.
> -- David
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