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On Fri, 23 Jul 2004 08:49:18 -0500, edscott <edscott at> wrote:
> El jue, 22-07-2004 a las 23:20, Erik Harrison escribió:
> > File Manger:
> >
> > Very nice improvement. For me the biggest is the elimination of the
> > crashes I was experiencing before (I blame my environment). Couple of
> > things. The "view" button doesn't do anything for me. The icon for the
> > "Go To" button has a black bar on the right of it, which is kinda
> > strange. The "Main Menu" Looks kinda lonely up there. Perhaps some of
> > the toolbar functionality could be moved into menus up top - other
> > wise, just having the main menu seems a little wasteful of
> > screenspace. Also - we call it the wastebasket in dialogs but trash in
> > the locations area, and the icons are different. is this by design?
> > Lastly, under Options, the two threshold options were not immediately
> > obvious what they did. Regardless of these little things, fine work!
> >
> About the goto button: It has the line because it is the "jump to",
> different from the "go forward" which does not have the line. It's
> copied verbatim. I don't like the look of the black line either, but my
> artistic skill are not good. If you want to modify the icon for one that
> looks better (but has the same style arrow) I would be happy to change
> it.

I'll take a stab at it, but I'm not much of an artist myself.

> View button: View button? Gosh, you're right. That is a feature which
> was removed (ambiguous as to which treeview it refers to). It is
> replaced by a popup menu over the title bar which allows you to set the
> view for each treeview. The button will dissappear from CVS in a few
> minutes.

I'm unclear as to the feature. Title bar?

> Lonely main menu: That is correct. If you do ./configure --disable-menu
> the menu will no longer show (but still be available with keyboard
> F1-F12). The space is shared by the show/hide buttons for toolbars and
> titlebars, so the functionality is shared. Of course, the default
> configuration is --disable-panel --disable-filter, so that there are
> only two buttons by default when there could be four.
> Wastebasket/trash: Yes there is a difference. Wastebasket is a like a
> wastebasket in a room. With real trash, before you chuck something out
> into the landfill, the path is: wastebasket->garbage bin->garbage
> truck->landfill. So trash refers to the garbage bin, where you can see
> what you have in different wastebaskets. This is different from other
> fm's by design.

Ah - I see. I'm familiar with xffm's trash management - I just didn't
put two and two together.
> About threshold options: any suggestions about how to make their use
> clearer from the beginning? I would only be too glad to implement any
> improvement.

I'm not sure. However, I would like to (politely) correct your
spelling of "frequency". You have it spelled as "frecuency" which is
not unreasonable a translation if your native tongue is Spanish. ;-)

If I think of an alternate wording, I'll let you know.

Also, the toolbar buttons which switch what they do based on what was
most recent - is there a way to have, say, both "find" and "run"
available. I haven't had such a need yet, But I could imagine it in
the future.

Thanks for the response!


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