Some thoughts on CVS

edscott edscott at
Fri Jul 23 15:49:18 CEST 2004

El jue, 22-07-2004 a las 23:20, Erik Harrison escribió:

> File Manger:
> Very nice improvement. For me the biggest is the elimination of the
> crashes I was experiencing before (I blame my environment). Couple of
> things. The "view" button doesn't do anything for me. The icon for the
> "Go To" button has a black bar on the right of it, which is kinda
> strange. The "Main Menu" Looks kinda lonely up there. Perhaps some of
> the toolbar functionality could be moved into menus up top - other
> wise, just having the main menu seems a little wasteful of
> screenspace. Also - we call it the wastebasket in dialogs but trash in
> the locations area, and the icons are different. is this by design?
> Lastly, under Options, the two threshold options were not immediately
> obvious what they did. Regardless of these little things, fine work!

About the goto button: It has the line because it is the "jump to",
different from the "go forward" which does not have the line. It's
copied verbatim. I don't like the look of the black line either, but my
artistic skill are not good. If you want to modify the icon for one that
looks better (but has the same style arrow) I would be happy to change

View button: View button? Gosh, you're right. That is a feature which
was removed (ambiguous as to which treeview it refers to). It is
replaced by a popup menu over the title bar which allows you to set the
view for each treeview. The button will dissappear from CVS in a few

Lonely main menu: That is correct. If you do ./configure --disable-menu
the menu will no longer show (but still be available with keyboard
F1-F12). The space is shared by the show/hide buttons for toolbars and
titlebars, so the functionality is shared. Of course, the default
configuration is --disable-panel --disable-filter, so that there are
only two buttons by default when there could be four. 

Wastebasket/trash: Yes there is a difference. Wastebasket is a like a
wastebasket in a room. With real trash, before you chuck something out
into the landfill, the path is: wastebasket->garbage bin->garbage
truck->landfill. So trash refers to the garbage bin, where you can see
what you have in different wastebaskets. This is different from other
fm's by design.

About threshold options: any suggestions about how to make their use
clearer from the beginning? I would only be too glad to implement any



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