xfdesktop menu drag and drop?

Olivier fourdan at xfce.org
Tue Jul 20 08:26:50 CEST 2004

Hi Brian,

I think the DnD from xfdesktop menu should be removed, it's useless
(Drag to what?) and very confusing. I keep draging items instead of
selecting them. 

Please disable that feature.


On Mon, 2004-07-05 at 11:17, Josh Howard wrote:
> "Brian J. Tarricone" <bjt23 at cornell.edu> writes:
> > huh?  the first obvious one is the windows start menu.  IIRC, the kde 
> > menu and gnome menu supports DnD as well.
> Start menu and right clicking on the desktop are two very different
> things. I consider the start menu much more akin to the panel.
> MacOS (X), OS/2, Windows, BeOS, come to mind as ones where this is
> also true. I'm pretty sure the last time I used QNX, I didn't notice
> this feature.
> I don't know enough about KDE to say whether or not it does this, but
> firing up nautilus while writing this e-mail shows that it does not
> allow dragging.
> > DnD for menus is a little different.  if you are the type of person who 
> > presses the button, moves it around on the menu, and then releases it, 
> > you'll never notice that the menu supports DnD.  to activate the DnD, 
> > you have to click-release, then move the mouse to the item, then click 
> > again, and drag.  that sounds pretty normal to me.
> Right... but I'm not. I've had it misfire quite often. It's not a
> major irritation, but it goes against what I expect desktop menus to
> do. If it were another mouse button, aside from the primary mouse
> button (left for right handed users, I suppose.) I wouldn't have it
> dragging all the time and making me wonder why my xterm is taking so
> long to load, when in fact it was because I just accidentally dragged
> it instead of clicking properly. I guess I'm sloppy with my use of
> the mouse, but all of the UIs I'm used to have been forgiving of this.
> > there's certainly a precedent for this, and it doesn't change the normal 
> > menu behaviour unless you mouse somewhat ineptly.  (hmm, can you use 
> > 'mouse' as a verb...?)
> Well, I guess I'm inept at mouse usage. Be that as it may, most menus
> in UIs are happy with this.
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