new icon theme implementation?

Brian J. Tarricone bjt23 at
Sun Jul 18 07:11:34 CEST 2004

hi all-

as benedkit and jasper will probably agree, GtkIconTheme is somewhat 
deficient in some areas and doesn't really meet our needs.  here's my 
list of problems:

1) no gtk 2.2 implementation, and my current icon finder for 2.2 royally 
sucks and needs to be rewritten anyway.
2) doesn't support XDG dirs standard (benny patched libgui for this, but 
3) when you have multiple icon search paths, the "Inherits" property of 
index.theme files is buggy and weird, and probably won't be fixed until 
gtk 2.4.5 or later.
4) there is no way to specify fallback icons if the one you're looking 
for doesn't exist, or if you want to try several different names for a 
category-type lookup.

although i really don't want to write a new icon theme parser/searcher, 
i'm convinced that it's necessary.  what do the rest of you think?  i've 
come up with a possible API, and i'd like comments on that:

also, i'd like to add somehing to the UI settings plugin for gtk 2.2 - i 
want it to register a GtkSettings property called gtk-icon-theme-name 
(gtk 2.4 has it, but 2.2 doesn't), and i want it to update this property 
every time the icon theme is changed (gtk 2.4 does this automatically, 
2.2 doesn't).  this will allow me to remove the nasty 
xfce_set_icon_theme_name() hack i'm currently using (and probably 
doesn't work anyway).


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