new icon theme implementation?

Jasper Huijsmans jasper at
Sun Jul 18 10:06:57 CEST 2004

Brian J. Tarricone wrote:
> hi all-
> as benedkit and jasper will probably agree, GtkIconTheme is somewhat 
> deficient in some areas and doesn't really meet our needs.  


> here's my 
> list of problems:
> 1) no gtk 2.2 implementation, and my current icon finder for 2.2 royally 
> sucks and needs to be rewritten anyway.

I don't think this is a big problem. Most people will have upgraded to 2.4.

> 2) doesn't support XDG dirs standard (benny patched libgui for this, but 
> still...)

More a developer problem than a user one, isn't it?

> 3) when you have multiple icon search paths, the "Inherits" property of 
> index.theme files is buggy and weird, and probably won't be fixed until 
> gtk 2.4.5 or later.


> 4) there is no way to specify fallback icons if the one you're looking 
> for doesn't exist, or if you want to try several different names for a 
> category-type lookup.

Like what I do with the panel, right? It does seem to be possible (even 
though it doesn't always seem to work ...).

> although i really don't want to write a new icon theme parser/searcher, 
> i'm convinced that it's necessary.  what do the rest of you think?  i've 
> come up with a possible API, and i'd like comments on that:

I'll go and read it and get back to you later. I really hate seeing us 
implementing things that are already in gtk. There may be no way around 
it though ...

> also, i'd like to add somehing to the UI settings plugin for gtk 2.2 - i 
> want it to register a GtkSettings property called gtk-icon-theme-name 
> (gtk 2.4 has it, but 2.2 doesn't), and i want it to update this property 
> every time the icon theme is changed (gtk 2.4 does this automatically, 
> 2.2 doesn't).  this will allow me to remove the nasty 
> xfce_set_icon_theme_name() hack i'm currently using (and probably 
> doesn't work anyway).

If that works we definitely should do it.


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