xfmusic4 alpha release

Brian J. Tarricone bjt23 at cornell.edu
Mon Jul 12 18:17:01 CEST 2004

Biju Chacko wrote:
> I don't mind it in CVS, but I don't think it should go into the xfce4
> distro. I think a new xfce4-applications project is needed, containing
> this, xfcalendar and xfce4-goodies and whatever else comes along.

perhaps a new CVS toplevel, e.g., xfce4-apps/xfmusic4?  i have no 
problem with leaving it out of xfce4 proper.  it's hard to say what 
constitutes an essential app in a "desktop environment" (however you 
want to define it), but in the spirits of being lightweight, a music 
player probably doesn't fit.

> IMHO, adding this to xfce4 would stretch the meaning of "lightweight
> desktop" just a bit too far.

hmm, right, i just said that too ^_~.

On Mon, 12 Jul 2004, Wade Nelson wrote:

> Personally, I'd like to see xfmusic4 (looks nice btw) as well as 
> xfcalendar, xfce4-appfinder, xfce4-mixer, xfce4-toys, and perhaps 
> *-themes/*-icons go into xfce-goodies rather than core. (I'm not quite 
> sure how to handle theme & icon sets).  IMHO these aren't necessary core 
> components, and perhaps more of a burden than blessing for someone who 
> wants a true lightweight xfce4 desktop but is newish to linux in general.

*nods*  yeah, i see the point.  i tend to feel like "lightweight desktop 
environment" means that you have all the apps and goodies that the more 
heavy environs do, just the individual apps are lightweight when 
compared to their heavyweight counterparts.  but you make a good point - 
being lightweight also means being sparse on applications and frills.

> Xfce4-applications sounds like a good idea, but I would hope the 
> xfce4-<morestuff> doesn't get taken too far. With xfce4-applications, 
> xfce4-games, xfce4-multimedia, etc etc, xfce could end up about as 
> lightweight as Gnome. (Keeping in mind that these are optional, keeping 
> in mind there's little control over distro devs on issues like these, 

meh, xfce4-games, xfce4-multimedia... you're right, it sounds _exactly_ 
like gnome or KDE.  and i'd bet that installing "xfce4" on most distros 
would, by default, give you all the "optional extras" as well.

> and also keeping in mind that more options can mean more confusion for 
> some users.)

i'm not so sure that's such an issue here.  in fact, the opposite - by 
branding a music player, game set, etc. as "part of xfce", you're 
essentially forcing a choice, or at least making one choice seem to make 
more sense - "why should i use the gnome or kde music player when 
xfce has its own?"  but i'm just playing devil's advocate here.  
essentially i agree that less is better if the "lightweight" reputation 
is to be maintained.  if it makes more sense to change xfmusic4's name 
to something that doesn't so obviously identify itself with xfce4, i'm 
ok with that.  unfortunately, it will at least have an association, as 
uncoupling it from libxfce4util and libxfcegui4 becomes harder by the 


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