Building XFCE on Cygwin

Brian J. Tarricone bjt23 at
Thu Jul 8 23:28:40 CEST 2004

i spent some time trying to build xfce4 cvs under cygwin.  i got most of 
the base pacakges built, but i can't get any .dlls to build.  i tried 
adding -no-undefined, but that just spewed out a list of unresolved 
symbols.  so then i explicitly linked in the libraries that provide 
them, but i get a libtool warning about not having shared libs of 
libxfcegui4, etc.  i'll have to mess with this some more later.  this 
probably means adding -no-undefined to everything, and making sure 
everyone links to the proper libs.

on the downside, i'm not sure how some things are going to work - for 
example, most panel plugins reference some symbols contained in the 
panel binary itself, and you can't actually link to that...


On Thu, 8 Jul 2004, Maarten Boekhold wrote:

> Brian J. Tarricone wrote:
> > it just occurs to me that if you end up running, make sure 
> > you have gtk-doc, as the CVS version of the xfce libs use gtk-doc, and 
> > configure will fail to generate properly if you don't have gtk-doc 
> > installed.  if that's not possible for you, doing your 
> > copy-system-libtool trick should work ok, if you just run configure 
> > afterwards.  in theory.
> Hmmm, that probably explains my previous mail. However, I do have the 
> 'gtk-doc' *cygwin* package installed (it's called gtk2-x11-doc). This 
> package does not seem to include any autoconf macros however. Could be 
> that the package is not complete, as it's very new. Are there any macro 
> files that are supposed to be part of the gtk-doc package? I can contact 
> the maintainer...
> Maarten
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