Couple CVS problems I'm having.....

Wade Nelson hollywoodb at
Wed Jul 7 17:25:34 CEST 2004

these are things I'm noticing with full xfce4-cvs... it might be a local 
problem, since they don't seem to be affecting those I talked to in #xfce... I'm running a gentoo system, gcc 3.3.3, glibc 
2.3.4, headers 2.6.6, kernel 2.6.7, nptl:

1) xfdesktop right-click menu doesn't work... middle-click window-list 
menu does... the right-click menu seems to be set up correctly, 
xfce-menueditor has no issues with it.

2) pagers in both taskbar & panel do not show what desktop I'm on... 
they show open windows and such, but the current desktop is not 
highlighted... the panel desktop-switcher applet does show what desktop 
I'm on

Also, I'm finding very little documentation on this, how do I set 
default TERM for xfterm4?  Are there other global variables that 
can/should be set also?

Is there a way to set panel launcher menus to close when I click 
anywhere outside the panel / open menu ?

Is it possible for the files in /etc/xfce4/ to be copied to all users' 
~/ directories for specified language, outside of writing my own wrapper 


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