Couple CVS problems I'm having.....

Brian J. Tarricone bjt23 at
Wed Jul 7 17:49:11 CEST 2004

On Wed, 7 Jul 2004, Wade Nelson wrote:

> 1) xfdesktop right-click menu doesn't work... middle-click window-list 
> menu does... the right-click menu seems to be set up correctly, 
> xfce-menueditor has no issues with it.

the menu editor reads the menu file itself, so that's not necessarily 
related.  try running xfdesktop from a terminal (kill it first) and see 
if there are any messages printed.  also make sure 
$prefix/lib/xfce4/modules/ exists.  if it's 
missing the .so exstension, you have a libtool problem - run xfdesktop's instead of configure.

> Also, I'm finding very little documentation on this, how do I set 
> default TERM for xfterm4?  Are there other global variables that 
> can/should be set also?

set the TERMCMD environment variable before starting xfce.

> Is there a way to set panel launcher menus to close when I click 
> anywhere outside the panel / open menu ?

i don't think so.

> Is it possible for the files in /etc/xfce4/ to be copied to all users' 
> ~/ directories for specified language, outside of writing my own wrapper 
> script?

nope.  i'm not sure why this is needed, as you only need them in your 
homedir if you want to edit them.  IIRC, the menueditor will do that for 
you if needed (for menu.xml at least).


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