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Danny Milosavljevic danny.milo at
Thu Jan 22 05:01:33 CET 2004


Am Mit, den 21.01.2004 schrieb Nikola Pizurica um 15:48:
> I'm thinking about translating XFce to Serbian, so I have a question
> 'bout that.
> If I change keyboard layout with "setxkbmap sr", does that mean I'm
> typing in UTF-8?
> Cheking:  Милосављевић

Whoa, long time since I last saw Kyrillic :)

So I can see the characters just fine, but that could be the mail
program automatically translating them (yeah, bells and whistles ;))

Anyways, you can use the 'recode' program[1] to convert between

i.e. try:

recode latin2..utf8 file

It is very pedantic, so for example if it already were utf8 or there are
any unrepresentable characters, it tells :) 

(Beware, modifies original file)

> So, I've written "Milosavljevic" in Cyrilic, is this UTF-8? Maybe it's
> not so smart question, but I wanna try to translate it, so better to
> check out first before beginning.

Good question :) I'd bet it is utf-8.
Can you program? If so, put the text in a gtk_label_new ("blah"); string
and see if it displays fine.
I think gtk only can do utf-8, so that would help knowing :)
*hides in case someone wants to hit me for that probably wrong

> Regards,
> Nikola



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