activating workspaces via keybinding

Andre Lerche a.lerche at
Sun Jan 18 22:31:31 CET 2004

I've just discovered the following:
Let's say to activate workspaces I have the keybindings:
Ctrl+F1 for workspace 1
Ctrl+F2 for workspace 2
Ctrl+F3 for workspace 3
Ctrl+F4 for workspace 4
Currently I have only 3 workspaces. Now if hit Ctrl+F4 (by fault), xfwm4
activates workspace 1, if I hit Ctrl+F5 xfwm4 activates workspace 2 and
so forth.
Is this a (minor) bug or a feature? In my opinion xfwm4 should not activate
another workspace in this case, but stay in the current workspace.

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