"Run program" dialog takes very long time to appear

Olivier Fourdan fourdan at xfce.org
Sat Jan 17 11:53:36 CET 2004


On Sat, 2004-01-17 at 10:30, Miernik wrote:
> I installed xfce4 4.0.0.final-1 from Debian GNU/Linux. 

Better upgrade to the latest version. any version prior to 4.0.2 had a
pixmap leak.

> When I press <Alt>+<F2> it takes about 4 seconds for the "Run program"
> dialog to appear. When I have already opened this dilog in this seccion,
> the next time I open it, it takes about 2 seconds, but still too slow. 

The run dialog is just another gtk apps. It won't run any faster or
slower than any other gtk apps.

The startup time depends on many parameters, like the theme used (avoid
pixmap based themes as much as possible), the speed of your disk, cpu,
ram etc.

> XFCE was supposed to be so fast, and most other things are, but the "Run
> program:" dialog is not any better then in Gnome, and this is very
> annoying.

xfce is not supposed to boost regular apps. it's not supposed to be "so"
fast, it won't overclock your CPU for you :) 

It tries to use less memory, so apps have more ram and may run faster.

As for xfce being faster, yes, I do believe that xfwm4 is faster than
metacity or kwin, xfce4 panel is faster than gnome-panel or kicker. It
doesn't mean that any given application will run any faster under xfce.

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