"Run program" dialog takes very long time to appear

Miernik miernik at ctnet.pl
Sat Jan 17 10:30:58 CET 2004


I installed xfce4 4.0.0.final-1 from Debian GNU/Linux. 

The computer is Sony PCG-C1MV notebook, the CPU is 733 MHz Transmeta(tm)
Crusoe(tm) Processor TM5800 stepping 03. It has 256 MB RAM, half of it
free now, no swap used. 

When I press <Alt>+<F2> it takes about 4 seconds for the "Run program"
dialog to appear. When I have already opened this dilog in this seccion,
the next time I open it, it takes about 2 seconds, but still too slow. 

XFCE was supposed to be so fast, and most other things are, but the "Run
program:" dialog is not any better then in Gnome, and this is very

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