possible bug

nestu nestu at lunar-linux.org
Sat Jan 10 14:59:56 CET 2004

nestu wrote:
> I must second Chuck. I just suffered the same behaviour, and I knew 
> about the scroll. I was sent twice to Workspace 2 w/o touching mouse or 
> kb. This is what happened: I was in a xterm, ran a cmd, went to WS 4, 
> and was sent back to WS 2. I thought it had been me so once again I went 
> to WS 4, and again I was sent back to 2. Maybe the coincidence was that 
> my xterm was in WS 2 (or was sent there, I'm not sure, because usually I 
> open my xterms in WS 1). IAC, w/o me doing anything I was sent to WS 2 
> twice. Chuck, ¿were you running gaim or an xterm in WS 2? Maybe it 
> happens only with them? I'm just asking because maybe the problem shows 
> up only with these... BTW, the checkout is from HEAD, a couple of days ago.
> TIA,
> nestu ;))))
It just happend twice again. Gaim grabbed the focus, as I
was disconnected from a network, and created a window to
warn me on WS2. I have "give focus to new windows"
enabled... so I suppose I'm answering myself. What I don't
get is why is it creating the windows on WS2, if I'm on WS4,
and I have gaim's window hidden (only the systemtray in my
taskbar). Maybe because last time I had gaim's window
unhidden it was in WS2?
nestu ;))))
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