possible bug

nestu nestu at lunar-linux.org
Sat Jan 10 14:24:23 CET 2004

Hello, everyone ;)
>>Olivier Fourdan wrote:
>>| Hi Chuck,
>>| You prolly used the wheel mouse on the desktop.
>>Holy crap! I didn't even know that worked that way!
I must second Chuck. I just suffered the same behaviour, and 
I knew about the scroll. I was sent twice to Workspace 2 w/o 
touching mouse or kb. This is what happened: I was in a 
xterm, ran a cmd, went to WS 4, and was sent back to WS 2. I 
thought it had been me so once again I went to WS 4, and 
again I was sent back to 2. Maybe the coincidence was that 
my xterm was in WS 2 (or was sent there, I'm not sure, 
because usually I open my xterms in WS 1). IAC, w/o me doing 
anything I was sent to WS 2 twice. Chuck, ¿were you running 
gaim or an xterm in WS 2? Maybe it happens only with them? 
I'm just asking because maybe the problem shows up only with 
these... BTW, the checkout is from HEAD, a couple of days ago.
nestu ;))))
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