xfwm bug?

Adriano Winter Bess adrianob at linhalivre.net
Sat Dec 4 17:33:01 CET 2004

I've noticed a weird behaviour with window focus with xfwm and gaim.
This is the way to reproduce it:

* open gaim, both the messages window and the buddy list window, side by
* now double click any buddy which still doesn't have a tab on the
  messages window, so that a tab is added for him/her on the messages
* the window focus is now for the buddy list window, and if you
  click inside the messages window (like clicking the tabs, or the
  menu options), the focus remain on the buddy list window (which
  still receives any keypress event).
I've selected "Click to focus" on xfwm settings. I'm using gaim 1.0.3
and xfce debs from os-cillation (update on 12/3).

Sorry if this has already been reported.

Adriano Winter Bess
adrianob -at- das ufsc br
adrianob -at- linhalivre net

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