XFWM 4.4 addition of some sort?

James Golden a.k.a. Chibi chibifs at studiochibico.com
Sun Dec 5 10:59:19 CET 2004

 Well, I noticed on the forum someone had brought up sound in XFWM 
again. I started to think about what someone had said before about a 
sound daemon... And looked away from it. Then something kicked me in the 
face, and it should have been so obvious. All of the panel plugins are 
fairly generic about notification, just allowing you to run a command. 
Why not the same for XFWM? Rather than whipping up some sort of sound 
daemon, or complex 'select what sound system you use' sort of thing, why 
not just give the window manager the ability to execute an external 
application along with the action when you press the button? And give 
the users some sort of tab in the window manager settings to specify 
what action to run? I personally think it's logical, but I'm no pro or 

I was bored out of my mind and drew up a little curses style adaptation 
to get an idea.

| v c v       XFCE Window Manager Settings of dewm       - o x|
| |Theme|Stuff|Those things|Keys|External actions!|           |
| x Yes I want these noises that slow down my puter!          |
| Minimize o <- checkbox to say wether to do the action or not|
| Maximize x _________________ <-feild to put command into    |
| Unshade  o ____________________________
| Shade    x aplay ~/.sounds/winshade.wav
| Pin      o ____________________________
| Unpin    x gksu rm -R /
| Menu     x ogg321 ~/Documents/menu.ogg
| Close    x amp ~/Music/Dragosta_Din_Tei.mp3
| Blah blah actions I missed

Anyway, Yeah.. Since the panel already does it that way.. Just a 
suggestion. :D

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