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Sat Aug 21 20:05:52 CEST 2004

040821 Marcelo Coelho wrote:
> I've been an enlightenment user for a long time, but now i'm trying xfce4.
> As my opinion it is very good! Simple, efficient and fast.
> I think that it has a better functionality than gnome.

that's what we all think (smile).

> But where are the icons? I've searched the web
> and it looks like FC2 has that capability, but i'm using Gentoo.

if you look thro' the Xfce archive, you'll find lengthy discussion re this.
others can offer their own take on the issue, but my impression is
that desktop icons are seen as an unnecessary imitation of KDE or even M$
& are unlikely to be implemented as such in Xfce.  however,
there are already  2  ways of getting them using other apps
& something similar specific to Xfce mb developed for 4.4 .

the other apps are Rox & Apwal: look in the Xfce archive or use Google.

> where can i find the default.keys file mentioned in "keyboard shostcuts"? 

someone else will have to answer that, but the archive may help again:
i seem to remember earlier discussions/advice, but i don't need it.

> what about a transparent toolbar to put some more commands?

perhaps you shd explain more fully what you are looking for.
with Xfce, you put commands on the panel or in its launcher drawers.
in 4.2 (due 041121 IIRC), there wb a desktop menu for commands.

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