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Thu Aug 5 07:57:11 CEST 2004

On Thu, 05 Aug 2004 11:12:17 +0900
Randy Chung <aoshi at OCF.Berkeley.EDU> wrote:

> The way it is now, new tabs are automatically assigned a generic Tab1,
> Tab2, etc. name.  Users can change the label via a Tabs menu or
> through the accel key, which will pop up a dialog asking the user to
> input a new 
>   name.  I suppose a tool tip might also work; I'm just the lazy sort
>   of 
> person who would rather avoid as much moving my hand from the keyboard
> fo the mouse as possible :)
> The question of what to do when multiple tabs are opened is another
> can of worms.  You could have the tabs expand into a scrollbar of
> sorts, a la gaim, or you could do the konqueror thing and shrink them
> down.  Each method has its ups and downs, so it seems to me that which
> one is better depends on your work style.

Actually, the best thing to do would be to be compatible with xterm's
escape sequences. For those who didn't know: xterm recognises certain
escape sequences as a command to set the title of the terminal window.
Many text mode apps like links, mc and ncftp actually support this.

Attached is a screenshot of my desktop. Note that all 3 windows are

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