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LiNuCe linuce at wanadoo.fr
Sun Apr 18 21:33:24 CEST 2004

Andre Lerche wrote:
> You will need the CVS version of XFce, there is no way around. The
> libxfcegui4 from CVS should be enough.

    Hum ... I'm afraid to mix stable and CVS code but ... as I really 
want it to work with XFCE 4.0.5, I have to do it by myself ;) So, you'll 
find a patch in attachment that "correct" 2 things (the second one being 
a major one IMHO) :

    - make use of netk_create_window_menu() instead of the CVS only 
netk_create_window_action_menu() : it allow the plugin to work with XFCE 
4.0.5. Drawback : the action submenu for each entry is lost. It's not a 
drawback for me has I just want window to be activated :)

    - make use of "activate" signal instead of "button_press_event" to 
activate a window when clicking on its menu item because :

       - this is the way menu item works (or just tell me if there is a 
reason for using button_press_event instead of activate - I can be wrong)
       - window gets activated with a "full" click (button press, then 
button released) instead of a button press only. Using button_press only 
gave me a "strange feeling" as it seems unusual (at least for me and a 
window list menu).

    Probably more to come.

P.S. : english is not my native language so I hope you can understand 
me, sorry for mistake, blablabla :)

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