[a.lerche at gmx.net: Tasklist Plugin]

Andre Lerche a.lerche at gmx.net
Sun Apr 18 20:17:15 CEST 2004

On Sun, 18.04.2004 at 07:52 PM, LiNuCe wrote:
> >To display the window-action-menu the plugin uses a function
> >which is IMHO available in current CVS versions only. I forgot
> >to check that during ./configure - sorry. But here are some shots:
> >
> >http://home.arcor.de/andre.lerche/desk.png
> exactly what i'm looking for : I WANT IT KNOW :)))) More seriously, i 
> will try to investigate the problem to get it run on xfce 4.0.5.

You will need the CVS version of XFce, there is no way around. The
libxfcegui4 from CVS should be enough.


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