xfce version 3 vs. 4 : missing features?

edscott wilson garcia edscott at imp.mx
Mon Sep 29 23:09:42 CEST 2003

On Mon, 2003-09-29 at 15:40, Olivier Fourdan wrote:
> It is not all that easy.
> 1) The iconbox has no layout of icons (ie if the icons don't fit in
> screen, the iconbox doesn't care and keeps growing)
> 2) The iconbox has no caption, that makes it fairly useless on the
> desktop
> 3) ths code itself is not very clean IMHO and would need some work. I
> think Toby said he was working on a new version
> 4) icons on desktop would better be implemented with a nice well written
> custom home made gtk widget and that's definitely more work than just
> cut'n paste from the current iconbox.

I didn't want to scare off any volunteers ;-) 

OTH, if the iconbox code problems are fixed, and a configuration option
added to tell the wm not to use border and title, it would almost be
like icons on the desktop. Apparently Toby has not had much time to
spare lately and could use some help. 



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