xfpanel - feature requests and bugs

Sridhar R sridharinfinity at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 27 12:04:09 CET 2003


these might be helpful

1. Window popping up from xfpannel holds taskbar title
as "xfce4-panel".

2. right click menu - add an entry to close (restart)
"xfpanel" - This is very helpful after you install

3. when opening dialogs from xfpanel, don't make it
modal, but that doesn't mean that they should show in
taskbar. may be also don't make them AOT.  But put a
single taskbar entry for an item configuration

4. dnd support

5. In add-launcher properties "remove" button should
have focus by default so that it loses focus only when
user changes launcher properties and if he is not,
definetly he is not willing to create that launcher so
that by pressing enter he can close it.

6. Panel item(plugin) properties window title should
contain panel-item-name

7. File-Manage=>Nautilus should run "nautilus
--no-desktop" instead of "nautilus"

8. Launcher: On launching applications that run in
terminal set the icon of <xfterm4> to that icon
specified in launcher properties so that the icon will
apear in xftaskbar4!

9. Launch notification - doesn't seem to work
correctly.  Sometimes the busy cursor is still busy
even after the launch of applications, particulary for
quickly loading applications

10. "Add Launcher" seems to redundant most of the
times. Though it is needed there. The only solution is
to support a option to make only '+' icon visible, but
no text and the area occupied by that will be smaller.
Still user-friendly!


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