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Benedikt Meurer Benedikt.Meurer at unix-ag.uni-siegen.de
Sun Oct 12 17:53:34 CEST 2003

Thank you very much. Could someone else please commit the translations
for me?

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From: "veramente at libero.it" <veramente at libero.it>
Subject: xfprint-4 italian translation
Date: Sun, 12 Oct 2003 16:27:14 +0200


I translated xfprint to italian and tested it on my machine.. If you are interested you could add it to the sources..

Best Regards,

Fabrizio Mazzoni

# This file is distributed under the same license as the PACKAGE package.
msgid ""
msgstr ""
"Project-Id-Version: XFCE 4\n"
"POT-Creation-Date: 2003-08-26 08:34+0200\n"
"PO-Revision-Date: 2003-10-07 01:47+0100\n"
"Last-Translator: Fabrizio Mazzoni <veramente at libero.it>\n"
"Language-Team: Fabrizio Mazzoni <veramente at libero.it>\n"
"MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
"Content-Type: text/plain; charset=iso-8859-1\n"
"Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n"

#: xfprint/head_page.c:98
msgid "Print headers"
msgstr "Stampa intestazioni"

#: xfprint/head_page.c:105
msgid "Header:"
msgstr "Intestazione:"

#: xfprint/head_page.c:116
msgid "Underlay:"
msgstr "Underlay:"

#: xfprint/head_page.c:127
msgid "Center title:"
msgstr "Titolo centrale:"

#: xfprint/head_page.c:138
msgid "Left title:"
msgstr "Titolo sinistro:"

#: xfprint/head_page.c:149
msgid "Right title:"
msgstr "Titolo destro:"

#: xfprint/head_page.c:160
msgid "Center footer:"
msgstr "Pi? di pagina centrale:"

#: xfprint/head_page.c:171
msgid "Left footer:"
msgstr "Pi? di pagina sinistro:"

#: xfprint/head_page.c:182
msgid "Right footer:"
msgstr "Pi? di pagina destro:"

#: xfprint/input_page.c:96
msgid "Encoding:"
msgstr "Codifica:"

#: xfprint/input_page.c:105
msgid "Print all pages"
msgstr "Stampa tutto"

#: xfprint/input_page.c:112
msgid "Print pages in range from"
msgstr "Stampa pagine da/a"

#: xfprint/input_page.c:138
msgid "Cut long lines"
msgstr "Interrompi linee lunghe"

#: xfprint/input_page.c:143
msgid "Interpret TAB, BS and FF characters"
msgstr "Interpreta caratteri di Tabulazione, Cancellazione, e Form Feed"

#: xfprint/input_page.c:148
msgid "Force binary printing"
msgstr "Forza stampa in formato binario"

#: xfprint/main.c:118
msgid "Select file to print"
msgstr "Seleiona file da stampare"

#: xfprint/main.c:129
msgid "The specified file does not exist"
msgstr "Il file specificato non esiste"

#: xfprint/pprint_page.c:90
msgid "Language:"
msgstr "Lingua:"

#: xfprint/pprint_page.c:101
msgid "Highlight level:"
msgstr "Livello di evidenziazione:"

#: xfprint/pprint_page.c:118
msgid "Strip level:"
msgstr "Strip level:"

#: xfprint/print.c:103
msgid "Neither lp nor lpr was found in PATH, therefore xfprint was unable to print the file."
msgstr "I comandi lp ed lpr non sono stati trovati nel  PATH. Impossibile stampare il file."

#: xfprint/print.c:119
msgid "Unable to sent job to printer"
msgstr "Impossibile avviare la stampa"

#: xfprint/print.c:121
msgid "Job sent to printer"
msgstr "Stampa avviata"

#: xfprint/print.c:163
msgid "Unable to print to file"
msgstr "Impossibile stampare il file"

#: xfprint/print.c:165
msgid "Job sent to file"
msgstr "Stampa inviata al file"

#: xfprint/printdlg.c:103
msgid "Save settings"
msgstr "Salva impostazioni"

#: xfprint/printdlg.c:120
msgid "XFPrint"
msgstr "XFPrint"

#. "Printer"-Frame:
#: xfprint/printdlg.c:125
msgid "Printer"
msgstr "Stampante"

#: xfprint/printdlg.c:136
msgid "Name:"
msgstr "Nome:"

#: xfprint/printdlg.c:158
msgid "Print to file:"
msgstr "Stampa su file:"

#: xfprint/printdlg.c:196
msgid "Sheets"
msgstr "Pagine"

#: xfprint/printdlg.c:204
msgid "Virtual pages"
msgstr "Pagine virtuali"

#: xfprint/printdlg.c:212
msgid "Pretty-printing"
msgstr "Pretty-printing"

#: xfprint/printdlg.c:220
msgid "Input"
msgstr "Input"

#: xfprint/printdlg.c:228
msgid "Headings"
msgstr "Testata"

#: xfprint/printdlg.c:241
msgid "Copies:"
msgstr "Copie:"

#: xfprint/printdlg.c:280
msgid "No printers available"
msgstr "Nessuna stampante disponibile"

#: xfprint/printdlg.c:380
msgid "Select output file..."
msgstr "Seleziona il file su cui stampare..."

#: xfprint/sheets_page.c:96
msgid "Papersize:"
msgstr "Dimensione foglio"

#: xfprint/sheets_page.c:110
msgid "Portrait"
msgstr "Verticale"

#: xfprint/sheets_page.c:115
msgid "Landscape"
msgstr "Orizzontale"

#: xfprint/sheets_page.c:132
msgid "Columns:"
msgstr "Colonne:"

#: xfprint/sheets_page.c:148
msgid "Fill columns first"
msgstr "Stampa prima le colonne"

#: xfprint/sheets_page.c:153
msgid "Fill rows first"
msgstr "Stampa prima le righe"

#: xfprint/sheets_page.c:162
msgid "Rows:"
msgstr "Righe:"

#: xfprint/sheets_page.c:173
msgid "Print borders around columns"
msgstr "Stampa bordi intorno alle colonne"

#: xfprint/sheets_page.c:185
msgid "Print pages in reverse order"
msgstr "Stampa pagine in ordine inverso"

#: xfprint/vpages_page.c:93
msgid "Line numbers:"
msgstr "Numero di righe:"

#: xfprint/vpages_page.c:106
msgid "Lines per page:"
msgstr "Righe per pagina:"

#: xfprint/vpages_page.c:119
msgid "Chars per line:"
msgstr "Caratteri per riga:"

#: xfprint/vpages_page.c:132
msgid "Tabulation size:"
msgstr "Dimensione tabulazione:"

#: xfprint/vpages_page.c:144
msgid "Non-printable format:"
msgstr "Formato non stampabile:"

#: xfprint-manager/main.c:78
msgid "Unable to execute xfprint4"
msgstr "Impossibile eseguire xfprint4"

#: xfprint-manager/mainwin.c:87
msgid "Printer manager"
msgstr "Gestione stampanti"

#: xfprint-manager/mainwin.c:97
msgid "_Printer"
msgstr "_Stampante"

#: xfprint-manager/mainwin.c:104
msgid "_Add printer"
msgstr "_Aggiungi stampante"

#: xfprint-manager/mainwin.c:112
msgid "_Remove printer"
msgstr "_Elimina stampante"

#: xfprint-manager/mainwin.c:124
msgid "_Properties"
msgstr "_Propriet?"

#: xfprint-manager/mainwin.c:133
msgid "Set _default"
msgstr "Imposta come predefinita"

#: xfprint-manager/mainwin.c:186
msgid "Type"
msgstr "Tipo"

#: xfprint-manager/mainwin.c:190
msgid "Alias name"
msgstr "Nome alias"

#: xfprint-manager/mainwin.c:194
msgid "System name"
msgstr "Nome di sistema"

#: xfprint-manager/mainwin.c:268
msgid "Add a new printer"
msgstr "Aggiungi una nuova stampante"

#: xfprint-manager/mainwin.c:278
msgid "A printer of that name is already recorded. Please choose another alias name for the new printer."
msgstr "Un'altra stampante ha questo nome. Selezionare un'altro alias per la nuova stampante."

#: xfprint-manager/mainwin.c:358
#, c-format
msgid "Printer \"%s\" does not exists"
msgstr "La stampante \"%s\" non esiste"

#: xfprint-manager/mainwin.c:363
msgid "Printer properties"
msgstr "Propriet? stampante"

#. the "General"-frame
#: xfprint-manager/propertiesdlg.c:101
msgid "General"
msgstr "Generale"

#: xfprint-manager/propertiesdlg.c:108
msgid "Alias name:"
msgstr "Nome alias:"

#: xfprint-manager/propertiesdlg.c:116
msgid "System name:"
msgstr "Nome di sistema:"

#. the "Capabilities"-frame
#: xfprint-manager/propertiesdlg.c:125
msgid "Capabilities"
msgstr "Propriet?"

#: xfprint-manager/propertiesdlg.c:133
msgid "Postscript printer"
msgstr "Stampante postscript"

#: xfprint-manager/propertiesdlg.c:140
msgid "Line printer"
msgstr "Stampante ad aghi"

#: xfprint-manager/propertiesdlg.c:193
msgid "New printer"
msgstr "Nuova stampante"

#: xfprint-manager/propertiesdlg.c:225
msgid "No valid alias name specified"
msgstr "Nessun alias valido specificato"

#: xfprint-manager/propertiesdlg.c:233
msgid "No valid system name specified"
msgstr "Nessun nome di sistema valido specificato"

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