xffmrc.xml woes

K Raghu Prasad raghuprasad at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 27 15:28:23 CET 2003

Hi pals,

I am trying to hide Book, App, Fstab etc. from appearing in xffm.
For that I modified ~/.xfce4/xffm/xffmrc.xml in the following way:

  <XFFM_HIDE_BOOK value="1"/>
  <XFFM_HIDE_NETWORK value="1"/>
  <XFFM_HIDE_APPS value="1"/>
  <XFFM_HIDE_FIND value="1"/>
  <XFFM_HIDE_TRASH value="1"/>
  <XFFM_HIDE_FSTAB value="1"/>

But it is still showing those entries when I start xfce4 and xffm.
Also my modifications are disappearing after each restart. What is
that which I am missing?

I have written a script to overrite existing xfce-settings related
xml files whenever user runs that script. It sets default values to
not only xfce, but also to other applications. This is being done
so that those users who change some settings can revert back to the
original ones. But each time I restart, the values supplied by my
script is disappearing and user supplied (messed-up:) values are
taken up.

I know about env variable XFCE_DISABLE_USER_CONFIG. But it applies
only to xfce and not to my email apps, browsers etc :-)

By the way, xfpanel crashes whenever I set
XFCE_DISABLE_USER_CONFIG=1. But this problem might have been taken
care of by now as I am still using xfce4-rc2. I am planning to use
xfce4.0.1 now.

Though this point has been discussed partly earlier; I still want to
know whether there is a way(or will be a way) in which I can remove
"add launcher" widget but allow users to personalize their settings?
I don't want to use XFCE_DISABLE_USER_CONFIG=1 as it disables user
configuration completely.

Thanks in advance

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