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Sat Nov 22 04:20:47 CET 2003

On Fri, 21 Nov 2003 21:36:35 +0200, Tuukka Mäkinen wrote:

> Tuukka Mäkinen wrote:
> > Just noticed that link to dtd in this page 
> > is the dtd for menu.xml 
> > instead of dtd for xml version of the standard. This is what I was 
> > looking for. Now there's some change of understanding relations between 
> > elements.
> Maybe the third time...
> I have started writing an email two times and on both times the solution 
> came to me before I managed to finish my writing. So far I'm confident 
> with this problem though ;-)
> What is the scope of different elements in freedesktop menu standard. 
> Consider following example.
> <Menu>
>    <Name>Foo</Name>
>    <Menu>
>      <Name>FooBar</Name>
>      <AppDir>ApplicationDir</AppDir>
>      <Include>
>        <All>       <-- Does this exist? -->
>      </Include>
>    </Menu>
>    <Menu>
>      <Name>FooFoo</Name>
>      <AppDir>SystemDir</AppDir>
>      <Include>
>        <All>       <-- Does this exist? -->
>      </Include>
>    </Menu>
> </Menu>
> Does FooFoo submenu also contain programs from ApplicationDir or only 
> from SystemDir? The questions about <All> elements existence is because 
> the menu specification mentions it but corresponding dtd file doesn't.
> -Tuukka

I'm cc-ing xdg-list, because the people who know most about it are there. 

AFAIK, the menu-spec is the definitive source and the dtd can be considered a
supporting document. So when in doubt go by the spec.

I'm no expert, but my understanding is that <All> applies to desktop entries
within SystemDir (in this example) and not to ones in other appdirs.

BTW, in your example I think both <Include> clauses are redundant because an
<AppDir> entry by default includes all desktop entries in it and it's


-- b

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