xffm: Sorting

Danny Milosavljevic danny.milo at gmx.net
Sat Nov 1 21:20:27 CET 2003


Am Fre, den 31.10.2003 schrieb edscott wilson garcia um 15:47:
> On Fri, 2003-10-31 at 07:35, Danny Milosavljevic wrote:
> > When in a folder which has subfolders, and clicking on the Column Header
> > "Date", the subfolders are not resorted, are they ?
> Because the sorting method, as well as other options when selected from
> the popup, affect only the folder of the *selected* node. If you want to
> change all, do the popup on the root folder. 
> Three points to note:
> - filetype subsorting
> - show hidden
> - image autopreviews
> Can be toggled on/off on a global basis with the main menu. Only if they
> are globally off will the corresponding popup entry appear so the
> setting can be overridden on a per-directory (and children) basis.

yes, but what I mean is in this setting:

X (folder)
+-- Y (folder)
+-- Z (folder)
+-- f1 (file)
+-- f2 (file)

f1 and f2 are sorted (i.e.rearranged) by date when I select "sort by
date" on X (or on the treeview header), but Y and Z are not.

What I'm trying to do is get the folders which were last modified at the
top of the tree :)


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