long coming bigfix in gtk2

edscott wilson garcia edscott at imp.mx
Fri May 30 00:49:53 CEST 2003

Hi all,

Back in sep, 1 2002 I reported a bug in gtk2 treeview. Today it was
finally resolved. This bug made it impossible to reproduce the
single-click navigation in xfsamba for xfsamba2. Unfortunately (or
fortunately) this caused the single-click navigation of xfsamba2 to be
dropped in favor of xffm-based, xfsamba4. Now that the gtk bug is
solved, single click configuration for xffm is a posibility, although
this would required gtk2 >= the next stable release. 

Since I probably will forget, if anybody is interested in single-click
navigation please send a reminder to the list when the next stable gtk2
is released.



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