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nestu the_new_guiri at
Sun May 25 23:06:40 CEST 2003

Hi everyone!
Had a nice weekend? I hope so ;)))) Well, I'm here to announce another script
update. This one includes a couple of new related things: the xfce4-extra
modules, and a way of managing them. Let me explain: now, you don't only have
the modules that you had before (what we'll call "base modules") plus the new
"extra" modules, but two dummy modules that count as all of them: "base" and
"extra". So, let say for example you decide to download all extra modules to
try 'em out. If we had no alias, you'd have to include them all, but now
instead include the dummy module "extra", and it's all fixed: 
"./update-xfce -D -i extra" <-> "./update-xfce -D -i
Obviously, you've got the same for "base" modules (e.g. -i base), and is valid
with -i option (include), -e option (exclude), and -l (log option). To further
understand this please run "update-xfce -h" and read the help. Also, now that
the amount of modules has grown, it's important to know that dependencies
between modules are satisfied, and that modules do not have to be treated in
the same order as we put them on the command line. This is specially important
for libs ;)
As usual, please feed me back! ;)))
C U all!
nestu ;))))
P.S. tar-zipped script attached! ;)

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