new update-xfce script

Neal at
Mon May 26 00:35:30 CEST 2003

nestu wrote:
> Hi everyone!
> Had a nice weekend? I hope so ;)))) Well, I'm here to announce another script
> update. This one includes a couple of new related things: the xfce4-extra
> modules, and a way of managing them. Let me explain: now, you don't only have
> the modules that you had before (what we'll call "base modules") plus the new
> "extra" modules, but two dummy modules that count as all of them: "base" and
> "extra". So, let say for example you decide to download all extra modules to
> try 'em out. If we had no alias, you'd have to include them all, but now
> instead include the dummy module "extra", and it's all fixed: 
> "./update-xfce -D -i extra" <-> "./update-xfce -D -i
> xfce4-mixer,xfce4-systray,[...],xfce4-twostate-launcher"
> Obviously, you've got the same for "base" modules (e.g. -i base), and is valid
> with -i option (include), -e option (exclude), and -l (log option). To further
> understand this please run "update-xfce -h" and read the help. Also, now that
> the amount of modules has grown, it's important to know that dependencies
> between modules are satisfied, and that modules do not have to be treated in
> the same order as we put them on the command line. This is specially important
> for libs ;)
> As usual, please feed me back! ;)))
> C U all!
> nestu ;))))
> P.S. tar-zipped script attached! ;)

Thanks for the script.  Well done!  It ran great except for 
two-state-launcher.  Was this replaced by trigger-launcher a couple 
weeks ago?

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